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Buttercups Room

Babies from 6 weeks to walking

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Buttercups Room

Welcome to Buttercups for babies from 6 weeks to walking. Our adult ratio is 1 : 3.

The room has been designed to allow our Buttercup team to make sure that every baby has attention and love.

All toys in the Buttercup room have been carefully chosen to encourage development. A dedicated baby garden is made use of regularly to ensure babies benefit from fresh air, sounds and smells. Your baby’s Key Person will form a strong bond with you and your baby to ensure both your needs are met. Buttercups has a lovely garden with baby swings and slides, it also has an artificial grass area to allow all year use of the outdoors.

Our Buttercup’s team work with parents and to ensure that any routine your baby has at home will continue during nursery time.

Our Buttercups room also includes: