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Clover Room

Children from 29/30 months to 3 years

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Clover Room

For children from 29 months to 3 years. This light and vibrant room is full of activities to encourage social and learning skills. Our adult ratio is 1:4.

Children have plenty to keep them entertained; from toys to dressing up, musical instruments to reading favourite stories in the book corner. 

Clover children have their own outdoor space.

Our Clover team actively teach the children good table manners and eating routines.

Clover has toilet training facilities and will liaise with parents regarding this milestone.

We also prepare the children for Pre-School by teaching them to recognise their own name and encouraging independence by learning to put on their own coats and shoes. 

Our Clover room also includes:

We promote self-hygiene, healthy eating, good table manners and consistent methods of positive behaviour to give our children the confidence to learn and develop in preparation for school